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topless bathing suits for women in one piece of bikini bottoms only from Brigitewear and made in California

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Customer Photos

Below are photos submitted by some of our customers wearing their Brigitewear  bathing suits.  If you would like to have your favorite photos displayed here see the instructions and guidelines at the bottom of this page:

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Joie de Vivre

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Name                Photo Location                    Bathing Suit

Cyndi C                                           Mexico                    Floral Paradise and Mirage Bikini

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David C / @PlayItBogart                                        Florida                                        Azur Men's thong swimsuit



Karen D (age 67)                       Mexican Riviera                               Jeweled Ring Bootie Bling Bikini



Ann D                            Ft Lauderdale                                Monte Carlo Topless One Piece

                                                                                        Garden Party Bikini - Sheer Top   Flirt Skirt


                                                                                    Knotty Neon Bikini swimsuit




Chris E.                        Sardegna (Sardinia), Italy        Gold Ring Bootie Bling Bikini Bottom




Barbara B                    Chicago               Versailles Topless One Piece Swimsuit


Aloha Thong Bikini Bottom & Sheer T



Joanne C                    Florida                Aloha Thong Bikini Bottom


Maya L                       France                Crochet Topless One Piece Swimsuit



Harry S                        Thailand/Toronto            Men's Low Rider Thong Swimsuit





Nancy A                    Arizona                St Tropez Sheer One Piece Thong




Suzy P                    Australia

                                                        St Lucia Topless One Piece


st lucia topless swimsuit one piece front      topless one piece bathing suit st. lucia by brigitewear  Topless one piece bathing suit front view  one piece topless swimsuit st. lucia


Arlene L                Bermuda                 Breezy Sheer One Piece Swimsuit




Arlene L                 Miami                  Sequins & Lace Mesh Bikini Thong Swimsuit




Arlene L                Miami   & Tortola                            Deep V one piece                           




Barbee M  (Age 64)       Folegandros Island Greece         St. Raphael One Piece Thong






Marie K                        California                                    St. Moritz Topless one piece swimsuit


The St. Moritz Monokini topless swimsuit by Brigitewear     





Camille C                        France                              Versailles topless one piece thong


Camille C                        France                             St. Raphael one piece thong


Camille C                        France                              Sheer 2Scoops one piece


Camille C                        France                                    Monte Carol topless swimsuit one piece


Tamee T                         U.S.                                  La Flamme thong bikini


Mary M                        U.S.                                   Versailles topless one piece thong


Mary M                        U.S.                                     Vichy one piece thong


Mary M                        U.S.                                    Monte Carlo one piece thong


        St. Raphael One Piece Thong

Nancy G            U.S.


Neil F                            U.S.                                       Azur men's thong


Noir Blanc thong bikini

Diane C                        Canada


                                                                                    La Flamme thong bikini


                                                         TanThru Tahitian Thong Bikini


    Sheer Cannes thong bikini

Diane C                         Canada


                                                                                    Vichy one piece thong

Cyndi F.                        New York


                                                                                     Bri-G g-string bikini


                                                                                        St. Lucia topless one piece swimsuit


                                                                                     Sheer 2Scoops

Beth B.                        Michigan


                                                                                      Sheer T Shirt


                                                         Azur Men's Thong                                        


Marcel B.                    Canada


                                                                                     La Joie thong bikini

Elizabeth B.                Florida


                                                                                      St. Raphael One Piece Thong

Jennie G                    New Zealand


                                                                                       Sheer 2Scoops One Piece

CJ S                        French West Indies


                                                                                       Sheer Magic One Piece


                                                                                    Sheer Cannes Bikini


Lucy P                    Florida                                            St. Raphael One Piece


                                                                                    Borat Thong One Piece

Matthew F                Unknown

Sheer T Shirt

Joyce L                    Florida


Versailles Topless One Piece

Kelly C                    Great Britain


      Sheer T

Martha J                    Florida

                                                                                                        Versailles Topless One Piece

Sarah L                    U.S.



Long Sheer T Shirt

Mary E                      U.S.


                                                                                            Versailles One Piece

Sergio R                    Spain


                                                                                                St Lucia One Piece


Sheer Desire

Alison L                        U.S. Maine


Millie R                                U.S.                                          Barely There One Piece Thong Swimsuit


Kelly C                                U.S.                                            Sheer 2Scoops sheer when wet swimsuit


Lisa B                                U.S.                                                Sheer T Shirt


Lynn B                                U.S.                                                        Sheer Long T

                                                                                                    Sheer Mesh Madness Top

                                                                                                            Sheer T Shirt


                                                                                                            Cannes Thong Bottom Topless


 St Moritz Topless One Piece with Sheer T Shirt

Amy C                U.S.


Versailles Topless One Piece with Sheer T Shirt


TanThur Fijian Bikini

Diane C    Ontario, Canada


Newport Bikini

Allison L        Long Island, USA


Hipster Cat Print


Elaine H                Texas, USA




Crisscross thong one piece swimsuit


Garden Party Mesh Bikini


Vicki N                Minnesota, USA


Santa Monica Tunic Top

Amy C                U.S.



Bubbles One Piece swimsuit


Julie H        Ohio


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Photo submission requirements:

You may submit from 1 to 6 photos wearing each Brigitewear bathing suit, T Shirt or other products by Brigitewear that you own. For instance, if you own 3 different swimsuits you may submit up to 6 photos wearing each of the 3 suits. Below are the requirements for submission:

Send a separate email with up to 6 attached photos for each suit photo you want published

Include the First name and Last name initial of the model. For example: Susan L.

You may optionally include your city, state, province and/or country

Email photos to customer-photos@brigitewear.com

By submitting your photo(s) you are certifying that you are at least 18 years of age or if submitting on behalf of someone other than yourself, you are certifying that you have the permission of the person whose photo is being submitted and that the person is at least 18 years of age. You are also certifying that photos submitted were not taken professionally and are not copyrighted and that you have their sole and exclusive ownership. You are also agreeing that the photos submitted may be published on the World Wide Web and will be in the public domain thereafter.

Brigite.com reserves the right to use or reject any photo submitted. Brigite.com also reserves the right to edit any photo submitted.

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